You’ve found the right place for resources, help, tips and tools for Administrators of Windows Servers. Wish your job was easier? There are numerous ways you can automate your daily mundane tasks.

As a Systems Administrator in charge of a shared web hosting environment, I know that there isn’t always a good source for in-depth technical support of your Win2k/IIS systems. When I find a site with good support and knowledge I have added it to my Links collection so that you may benefit as well. Feel free to let me know if you have one that should be added.

Beta version 3 of the IIS Admin Control Panel is available for download! Click on the Products button on the left menu now to get a copy. All I ask is that you come back here and let me know what you think. Also in the Products section you will find free scripts that you can use and modify to help with your day to day IIS tasks.

IIS Admin Control Panel Features:

  • Web based administration
  • Install, Modify, Delete WWW sites
  • Install, Modify, Delete FTP sites
  • Modify SMTP
  • Add, Remove, Manage Users and Groups (with support for AD)
  • Manage User’s Quotas. Uses Win2k’s built in Quota manager
  • View current IIS stats, as well as a list of current running processes. Just like Task Manager!
  • Geared for shared hosting providers, but simple and easy for just a couple sites.
  • Easy configuration