Saving Your Laptop Investment With Affordable Winnipeg PC Repair

With technology prices constantly dropping, you may find yourself tempted to upgrade that same old clunky laptop you’ve had since university or finally fix that cracked iPhone screen. While a $400-500 laptop at Best Buy can be tempting, if the reason you’re looking to upgrade is software or even cosmetic physical damage, we’d highly recommend looking into local Winnipeg PC repair services. In most cases with minimal investment you can remedy some of the most frustrating issues that most people buy new laptops for. We’ve listed some of the easiest issues a computer store can solve for you and the approximate cost.

Laptop Screen Repair – $130 to $150

Much like your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, if you drop your laptop or it slips out of your bag the screen WILL crack. Luckily, most consumer grade laptops use similar screens and this can be fixed pretty quick and within a reasonable cost range. Make sure whoever you take your laptop to has a good warranty so if there is any problem when you leave, you’re covered.

Creaky or Broken Hinges – $100

Another issue you will likely experience if you drop your laptop or you’re clumsy is the hinges between your screen and the keyboard/logic board may become broken or dislodged. Many laptop manufacturers will have warranties that will not support fixing this type of issue, but luckily getting new OEM replacement hinges is an easy task for local Winnipeg laptop repair providers. Since there are so many different models of laptops out there on the market, you should definitely call to confirm they have your specific models part in stock.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement – $150

You’ve been banging away on that keyboard for years now, and we all know how greasy and dirty it can get let alone if anything catastrophic happens like a spilled drink. This is of course no reason to toss out your entire laptop as replacing a keyboard and even individual keys can be accomplished in as little as a few hours by an experienced laptop repair technician. Even if you’ve lost one stubborn key, you can order them online and find instructions online on how to do it yourself.

There are tons of local PC repair options in Winnipeg and while it may seem like a tough task you can actually remedy many of the above problems and save money on your next laptop. If you’re looking for a ballpark cost, we’d recommend checking out as they have updated pricing on most laptop and PC repairs.

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IT Services in Chicago


Chicago Business Services insist on three key terms that is crucial to any office environment. They are basically reliability, trust and security. SolveMyPC encompasses adequate tools to support your needs and office wants in general. This does not depend on the size of clients received, every office whether small or big gets standard quality support SolveMyPC that is known for. Some points should be checked on how they are controlled and function in an organization so that quality is realized from the entire varied department. These include the following:

Expert computer support system

Technology applied in your business has an impact to every employee down the line. Both established and upcoming businesses should consider SolveMyPC for solving all needs that arise in the whole process of operation within your organization. Varied services offered by Chicago IT managers as well as overall Chicago Business Service will help you to run your business at an affordable cost in an effective and efficient manner.

Office assessment

Planning on how to run your business can help to indicate in advance the type of technology that suits your business operations. SolveMyPC can access your location and determine type of technology that will be appropriate for your business or modifying the existing system to meet the desired needs and objectives. Giving expertise time will optimize office environment and identify technology that will do better for your business without strain. SolveMyPC deals with this effectively checking on cost, productivity and mind expansion.

Managed IT Services

SolveMyPC do offer complete managed services Chicago. Installation, tracking, maintenance as well as upgrading your entire network can be done easily by our experts without requiring you to higher IT staff. Our service deals with full IT network that servers, computers, phone system, email, help desk as well as internet in your organization. SolveMyPC will also guarantee remote support and your phone control as our experts are available any moment need arises

Computer support services

SolveMyPC can program your computers to function well within your network. Updates backup as well as routine maintenance and diagnostics can be done to keep your computers in functional condition. You can also be guide on which types of computers to choose so that they work better with you.

Mac support

You do not need to panic when you need assistance on your Mac computers as all servicing both for software and hardware is guaranteed. Your apple devices can also be repaired and synchronized to keep data.

Network Support

Almost all business relies on network to run and check on controls easily. SolveMyPC has a tool to keep your network in operation. Remote controls from far distance can keep an eye on your network and fix defects before they occur. SolveMyPC can also aid to repair and increase your computer capacity. Let it design proper and reliable network to enable functioning of the organization.

  • SolveMyPC can design a network design map which put the following into consideration
  1. Asses the existing environment
  2. Listen and talk about needs and wants as well as business growth
  3. Design network plan checking on cost effective and online shopping
  4. Implement and test your network.

SolveMyPC through the Chicago IT manage business also provides server support, software support, email support, start up support as well as recovery of data support. Facility surveillance through CCTV s an also IT training is offered to those who are ready to meet the set affordable prices.

Find more SolveMyPC services.


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Phone: 888-300-9985

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